Best Modern Outdoor Accessories

Posted on: July 24th, 2015 by babaknm 1 Comment

If you have already purchased beautiful patio furniture for your outdoor space but you still feel there is something missing, you should invest in a few accessories. these outdoor accessories are designed to enhance your pleasure during these summer days and make your garden stand out.

Planters with light

Outdoor lighting is a perfect solution to add warm to your outdoor space. you have a wide variety of options to add lighting but we recommend to stay away from the traditional string lights and use trendy planter with lights as depicted in the picture below.



These modern planters with lights will surely make your outdoor space stand out and they can also serve as a partitions for creating outdoor rooms .



planter with lights outdoor accessories


Outdoor Lanterns

outdoor lanterns and candle light are perfect for that cozy romantic corner of your outdoor space. anything that matches your outdoor theme will work well you can use classic or modern lanterns. we prefer ceramic light and modern lanterns as shown below.

Ceramic-Light-Series-I-3-650x460 (2) LayOut11-6
Outdoor Storage

Outdoor Storage  is more a necessity than a design element. but that doesn’t mean that your outdoor storage needs to be that huge ugly container at the back of your yard.  you can use smaller but stylish storage units to keep cosy throws, table cloths and throw pillows close at hand like these storage units from our skyline collection.





there are many other types of outdoor accessories such as stools, statues, outdoor showers , etc  that can compliment your garden. so stay tuned for our next post about outdoor accessories.

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    The storage units are made for outdoor uses so the material used won’t get ruined due to sun and rain

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