Eden Garden

The wide range of umbrellas in different models has been designed to adapt to the individual characteristics of every space, protecting them from the sun and the rain, whilst also completing and enhancing them. The products are made 100% in Italy. Every Heavy Duty patio Umbrella is produced with a lifted valve, a small frame on top of canopy that allows better resistance to sudden wind gusts. For larger models (4x4m and more) in windy areas it is possible to apply the SPLIT ® SOLUTION construction technique. SPLIT ® SOLUTION is a patented anti-wind system with six overlapping strips of fabrics that help putting an end to the “sail effect” caused by the wind against the canopy. The waterproofing characteristics of the umbrella’s fabric are maintained, whilst the improved air circulation enhances the chill sensation in hot summer days.

Every “Fiore Rosso by EdenGarden” patio umbrella is hand crafted on request, and it is possible to customize every single component of our exclusive patio umbrellas. On request we can craft triangular, trapezoidal, special dimensions umbrellas and many other customized solutions!

*Made in Italy*